Jill Techel for Mayor

Hard Work | Results | Commonsense Leadership

jill-techel-home-001I have lived in Napa for over 40 years and there is no better community to call home.

During my time as Mayor, Napa has continued to build its world-class reputation as a place to both visit and live. While the community has faced challenges caused by the 2014 earthquake, our resilience has allowed us to band together and rebuild.

We need to continue crafting smart policies that encourage new economic development and job creation while investing in proactive law enforcement to keep our streets safe. Napa must maintain its commitment to promoting environmentally responsible development and make more investments into water efficiency.

I am proud of my work as Napa’s Mayor, which has included securing funds for the Napa Flood Control Project as well as badly needed aid to help rebuild the damage left behind by the earthquake.

I promise to continue delivering results for Napa through commonsense leadership and hard work.

I would be honored to continue serving as your Mayor.



Jill Techel is absolutely Napa’s best choice for Mayor.  She is a proven leader that has the experience and temperament to represent the City of Napa, in good times and tough times as well.  Her leadership as Mayor during the earthquake and floods has created success for victims, property owners and citizens from throughout the City.
Assemblyman Bill Dodd

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